i create handmade, cut-and-paste collages, which are often inspired by language and story.

the work is sourced from images found in vintage books and magazines—publications rescued from thrift stores and attics and antique shops.

i’ve discovered that juxtaposing visual elements is like creating a new language, and through layering these images one can create small narratives.

but, for me, there’s a larger connection to the source materials, as well.

my background is in english literature and creative writing, and my day job is as an editor.

some of these source materials are nearly a century old, and i think, sometimes, what i’m really trying to do is rescue these forgotten publications and give them a second life.

through a process of deconstruction, image apposition, and addition-by-subtraction, each piece is an attempt to recreate meaning, tell a story, and resurrect a piece of our printed past.

– stephen knezovich
pittsburgh, pennsylvania





  1. How is it that only today i stumbled into this site of yours? crazy. thanks for the plug. dually noted.


    • dirty sweatpants

      this is a secret blog. no one knows about because i hadn’t gone public with it yet… you would have been close to the top of the list, though.

  2. Steve — this is cool. I like the collages, and look forward to your take on mucilage.

    lots of loves.


  3. i see that my previous comment is “awaiting moderation.” I wish the things i said out loud had a moderation waiting period.

  4. Kathryn McKenna

    Well done.

  5. Everything here is amazing!
    (Which is obvious from my liking spree)

  6. COOL!
    i don’t know why i arrived here, but i like your works.

  7. Karen

    tu trabajo es genial! Saludos desde Chile 😀

  8. Andrea Solow

    Love your collages.

  9. keith

    great work i’m new to collage making & would like any help or advice you could give me ,thank you keith

  10. absolutely amazing work. using this for my english assignment

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